Care for your child’s oral health should begin at an early age.

In fact, children should begin regular dentist center visits soon after the first signs of tooth eruption.

Try to find a pediatric dentist, or a general dentist who also practices pediatric dentistry. A children’s dentist should be kid-friendly and inviting, with a dentist office geared toward children’s needs. However, you do not have to only take your child to a pedodontist to experience this! Here at Wheatland Dental Group, we offer dentistry for adults AND dentistry for kids. Our doctors offers care for the entire family, including pediatric dental services. In short, Wheatland Dental would love to be your child’s dentist.

Our reception area features a fun, kid-friendly room just for our younger patients, with movies and video games to play while they wait, so taking your child to the dentist is a breeze. Our friendly staff of hygienists and doctors are trained to address the specific skills required in practicing dentistry for children.

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