Endodontics refers to the care of the inside of the tooth: the pulp and surrounding tissues.

This tooth pulp contains nerve tissue and blood vessels which supply the teeth nutrients needed for continued strength and dental health. Sometimes, decay and cavities erode a tooth to such a degree that the tooth itself is threatened, and endodontic therapy, or a root canal procedure, is needed.

Developed to avoid continuing or repeated decay or infection, this fairly common procedure requires the endodontist dentist to numb the tooth, enter the root canal, and remove the affected pulp and any signs of decay remaining in the root canal.

Some family dentists refer their patients to an outside dentist of endodontics; fortunately, here at Wheatland Dental Care, Dr. Harry L. Sugg works with world-renowned endodontist Dr. John Schoeffel to offer in-house care of all teeth needing root canals.

With this approach, our patients need never leave the comfort of our office, and we can ensure the consistency and quality of care Dr. Sugg’s patients have come to expect.


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