Consult Wheatland about your surgical options.

Most dental visits focus on preventive dental care or cosmetic procedures. If you think you may need dental surgery, you will need a dentist, oral surgeon, or dental clinic which has experience with both tooth removal and oral surgery. You may also wish to choose a dental clinic which also offers smile makeovers and deep bleaching techniques, some of which require tooth extractions or other surgical procedures.

Dr. Sugg and the Wheatland family of dentists have extensive experience with all aspects of modern dentistry, including oral surgery and smile makeovers. Though not typically as expensive as oral surgeon dentists, general dentists often take continuing education courses in varying fields of study so they can offer a wider range of services to the patients they care for.

While not oral surgery specialists, the doctors at Wheatland are committed to continuing medical education. So unlike an oral surgery dentist, who only performs dental surgery, or a periodontist, who only treats gum disease, Wheatland Dental offers a much broader scope of care, allowing you to stay with the dental practice you have grown to trust.

We hope you won’t hesitate to schedule a consultation at any time you feel surgery might be indicated in your continuing dental health.

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